The Health Scare About Meat

  By Sandra Miller/Nutritional Therapist October 30, 2015 Last week the World Health Organization issued a statement that backed up its previous 2002 claim that red meat poses colorectal cancer risks. The latest health scare with meat comes as  the W.H.O. share findings that “red meat refers to all mammalian muscle meat, including, beef, veal, pork, Read more »

Restoring Digestive Balance

restoring digestive balance

Bio Hacking Basics/Restoring Digestive Balance By Sandra Miller Nutritional Therapist Restoring digestive balance is our next step in the process. In part one we discussed that when building your bio hacking foundation you must first REMOVE anything that could be irritating to the body from the inside and outside. There is so much that we can Read more »

Flat Belly Hacks For Your Six Pack

6 Functional Flat Belly Hacks For A Strong Core By Sandra Miller/Nutritional Therapist Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant July 2015 In my 25 years as a personal trainer with a Pilate’s background, I can tell you that the one area that most people want help with is the abdominals. Many wanted that elusive six pack, Read more »

Coconut Oil Wonders

Coconut Oil Wonders

COCONUT OIL WONDERS 6 Best Uses for Nature’s Versatile Beauty Treasure By Sandra Miller, L.W.M.C Nutritional Therapist Coconut oil has earned it’s place as a staple and there probably isn’t a health website today that does not contain an article or recipe on the many wonders of coconut oil. That is because coconut oil has Read more »

Is There An Imposter In Your Pantry?

Big Business in FAKE Olive Oil! Were you aware that there may be an imposter in your pantry? Fake olive oil is disguising itself and may be damaging your health.  Back in the 90’s I was extremely health conscious and believed I was doing all the right things. I shunned butter and saturated fat and Read more »

4 More Ways To Use White Vinegar

Make White Vinegar Part of Your Cleaning Kit   I am so passionate about removing toxins from the home and finding natural ways that you can care for your home. There are so many ways we can use white vinegar and it’s versatility is hard to match.  With so many inexpensive solutions that most people have in Read more »

Gluten-Free Beer Batter Fish and Chips

Gluten free beer batter fish and chips

  Gluten-Free Fish And Chips Yield: 2 to 4 servings Prep time: 15 minutes Total time: prep + cook time=30 minutes           Gluten-Free Beer Batter or Mock Beer Batter Fish And Chips All- purpose gluten-free flour (good quality) | approx. 2 cups we like this one:   Better Batter (1 cup of Read more »

Stress and 4 Tips to Hack It

stress,adaptogen,holy basil

Stress Response and Adaptogenic Herbs STRESS and 4 herbs to hack yours! May 20, 2015 By Sandra Miller L.W.M.C Certified Nutritional Therapist How many people can say today that they live a life free of stress? Running from errand to errand, sitting in traffic, raising children, getting married, college, changing jobs and even getting older. Read more »

Southwest Garden Slaw

no mayo slaw

This slaw is one that Chef Tom created this tasty little “no mayo” Slaw that is not only mouthwateringly good, but it’s loaded with nutrition. Jicama is a “prebiotic” food and is great for healthy digestion. Cilantro is a natural chelator. Great as a main dish on a meatless Monday or a side dish any day. Serves 8 Read more »