Living Less Toxic Basic Recipe Guide

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                                          Living Less Toxic Basic Recipe Guide Drop box Link BELOW:  Living Less Toxic Basic Cleaning Recipes Here is a Basic recipe guide for anyone wanting to live less toxic. Most of your everyday cleaning will be just fine using the basic formula but I have included some options for the more stubborn jobs. Remember, Read more »

Running For Your Life?

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  The Running-Cardiovascular Disease Connection     Running never grabbed me, but I am lucky to say, that I am one of those people who has exercised consistently most of their lives. As a teen, I was sort of uncoordinated when it came to sports. I could not run or do a hairpin turn and Read more »

Make Over Your Medicine Cabinet

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    Top 7 Natural Anti-inflammatory Herbs by Sandra Miller/Nutritional Therapist Lots of folks are turning to natural remedies for their families today because of their safety and success rate. If you have been wanting to “make over” your medicine cabinet we can start the process with some natural pain remedies. Take note that some Read more »

Are Darkest Days Ahead for Dark Act?

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DARK Act Heading to Senate   After the DARK Act passed in the House in July, Scott Faber( VP of government affairs for Environmental Working Group (EWG) is quoted as saying: “It’s outrageous that some House lawmakers voted to ignore the wishes of nine out of 10 Americans . “Today’s vote to deny Americans the Read more »

Costco Egg Farm “Filthy”

Costco Egg Farm  “Filthy” Says Reporter Imagine my horror! I just finished reading an article in the Humane Society newsletter that I felt compelled to share. The article was titled “Chickens Pay High Cost of Costco’s Cheap Eggs.” Costco gets their eggs from Hallandale Farms in Pennsylvania which they apparently own. This picturesque and pristine piece Read more »

Vitamin D Deficiency/The New Epidemic

By Sandra Miller Nutritional Therapist Are You Getting Enough? Okay, I want you to raise your hand if you could honestly say that you don’t want strong and feisty immune system. Now raise your hand if you have been tested for your vitamin D level. Lastly, are you getting enough? Has anyone raised a hand? Read more »