Microbiome Medicine Summit- Free Online Event

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  MICROBIOME  MEDICINE SUMMIT STARTS MONday FEBRUARY 29th.  Microbiome is THE most talked about subject since about the end of 2014.   Don’t miss The Microbiome Medicine Summit! What is the micro biome? The trillions of organisms (known collectively as the micro biome) that live all over your body have a profound influence on your Read more »

Zika Virus Invades U.S.

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By Sandra Miller February 5, 2016 The Zika Virus Found In U.S Another virus has reared it’s ugly head and it has made it’s way to America. This one is know as Zika.  Of great concern are these tiny but brazen little mosquitos wreaking havoc in several places including my beautiful  state of Florida.  They Read more »

Meat Takes Another Hit

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   NEW MEAT RULES? Sandra Miller Feb 5, 2016 Meat, it’s in the news again! (sigh) I spend a great deal of time keeping up with the science that has occasionally led me down a rabbit hole of poor  health.  The “low fat” craze damn near wrecked my health, and that of many of my Read more »