Fasting: A Most Badass Health Hack

Iintermittent fasting and fasting for health are burning up Facebook and the internet in general. Fasting is no longer considered a fad. Many people are entering into a state of “nutritional ketosis” to accomplish many things, from controlling seizures to altering the behavior of genes.

In conjunction with those mentioned above, when fasting, you could also reverse damage to pancreatic beta cells, enhancing immunity and, of course, absolutely crushing weight loss.

A Leptin Reset

If you experience frequent hunger, fasting helps to normalize insulin, leptin, and ghrelin hormones, which all play a role in hunger and satiety. Done correctly, you may even benefit from reducing oxidative stress and increasing antioxidant activity. Cellular damage is reduced while making new cells increased.  It’s one of the best “antioxidant” strategies humans have. And it’s built-in.

All we have to do is access it. W also see surges in HGH (human growth hormone). Research has shown that HGH can increase by as much as 1,300 percent in women and up to 2000 percent in men by fasting even for brief periods of 16- 24 hours.

Intermittent Protocols

Intermittent fasting is being used by many recently because of the dramatic effects on fat loss and weight loss. Typically this is combined with higher fat, low carb, moderate protein diet. But, fat loss and weight management is just a side benefit. Fasting correctly signals our DNA in many profound ways. And, there are several ways it can be done.  One does not necessarily have to go without food for days on end to see benefits. C.R. or “calorie restriction” helps us to live longer.

I.F has been shown in studies to be even more beneficial on our longevity and just caloric restriction alone. We live longer when we eat less. A century-old understanding can easily help us see clearly how our over portioned culture has gotten themselves into metabolic hot water.

The mechanism behind WHY we hinder the aging process as we fast could be due to the effects of the signaling mechanism” mTOR.” I will not “mind melt” you, but suffice to understand that mTOR may raise on a diet of too much animal protein. Not eating easily solves that problem.

In adulthood, increasing it by overeating protein can cause us to age faster. I.F. inhibits this process of aging to a pretty decent degree. The presence of ketones in the blood and fewer calories overall helps us stay younger at the DNA level.

Enter the FMD- 21st Century Option  is a fantastic piece on the benefits of a fast.. it can be deadly. That is the message from Dr. Valter Longo. Author of “THE LONGEVITY DIET.” In this book, Dr. Longo discusses his research on what he calls the “fasting-mimicking diet.” FMD allows for eating food during the fast.

He claims that without certain nutrients, fasting is not only less effective but also dangerous. His research shows that the benefits of fasting can be achieved by just eliminating certain foods such as soy, gluten, wheat, legumes, and animal protein. While I will admit to trying to do this on your own with food is quite challenging, it is possible. The food list is quite limited but worth the effort.

If you are creative and can make tasty recipes out of the foods allowed, you will do fine.  The amount of food is quite small. Don’t cook? No worries. PROLON is a company helping new and seasoned “fasters” alike. By using ProMiller5, you gain access to the kit.

You get everything you need in the kit to do the 5 -Day fasting-mimicking plan. Any fasting should occur under the supervision of your doctor. Have a conversation with your doctor today.

Fasting for a better brain.

If you are keen on activating brain stem cells to convert in new neurons, then fasting might be a good idea. A protein called BDNF - “brain-derived neurotrophic factor” which activates brain stem cells to convert into new neurons, and triggers numerous other chemicals that promote neural health.

The problem with juicing.

“Juice fasts” may be cleansing, but they may never get you into the proper state of ketosis where all the magic happens. Thi the juices of fruits contain sugars. Those sugars will not allow for deep nutritional ketosis. It may “feel” like a fast, but you won’t reap the valuable benefits of the fast.

Water fasting.

This health coach does not advocate extended water fasts. Understanding that nutrients are necessary while fasting, this makes no sense from a health perspective. You won’t find the nutrients required to complete the detox process with water fasting.

Check with your doctor before undertaking any fasting protocol.

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