How To Be A Healthy Human

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Healthy Habits Hardware


Healthy habits. We spend countless hours and billions of dollars a year to attain and maintain them. All of the latest technologies exist to monitor our heart rates, sleep, calories and activity.  And our results are as close as the end of our arm. The market for wearable devices has exploded and will continue to  do so.  Check out Forbes Magazine’s excerp from it’s recent article below. Entertain these mind boggling facts about wearable technology.

“The wearables market exceeded $2 billion in 2015. As expected sales hit almost 3 billion in 2016.  Shockingly, skyrocketing to $34billion by 2020 means that this market will have unheard of growth in under 5  years. Interestingly, also quoted in the article was “Employees equipped with wearble technology reported an 8.5% increase in productivity and a 3.5% increase in job satisfaction.”  Yiou can find the entire article here

FORBES” Wearables Tech Facts

Testing and Tracking 

A significant number of individuals (including this author) are regularly checking blood glucose as a way to find which foods suit them best and do not excessively raise blood sugar. Additionally, If you are ketogenic (like me) you may even test your blood for the “ideal state of ketosis.”  Furthurmore, we define ourselves by the results we get. We live by the numbers. You must INSPECT what you EXPECT right?

Tracking calories and macros has become commonplace. Once we have the information, we have to figure out what to do with it. And, we tend compare it to others right?  The issue is that healthy weight does not just come from working within our calorie budget. Where those calories comes from does matter.

Of course, one should only compete against oneself. Undergo an N=1 for the sheer joy of discovery.

The Era of “Quantified Self”

How do we know if what we are doing is making us healthy humans?  all this “body surveillance” we should be tip top physical specimens shouldn’t we?

Seems like we should be. A few decades ago being healthy used to be defined by such simpler terms. If you ate right, got some fresh air, exercised and got adequate rest you typically were healthy.  Eating right meant that you ate all your veggies off your plate. Mom cooked everyday. We played outside in the sunshine  until dinner was called. And we ate dirt.

Ahh, the “good old days.” No wonder our stress levels were lower. We had fewer digestive ailments.  No one really ever heard the word “gluten-free.”

Wouldn’t life be grand if it was that easy right? At the risk of sounding judgementally sarcastic, I only wish I was the person who turns a deaf ear to the scary facts about how things like cell phones, bluetooth headsets, wifi are frying our brains and our cells. Ignorance is bliss right?

But what you don’t see CAN hurt you. We may some day know this period in history as the “ERA OF ELECTROSMOG.”   This little device blocks electrosmog on all devices  BioZen  You can use this on cell phones, computers and more.  The company below will bring to market a cell phone that is virtually electrosmog free.

This VERITAS certified technology flattens damaging waves that disrupt cell signaling.  This renders them much less harmful. This little “sticker” has recently been named a CLASS 1 MEDICAL DEVICE.

See the flagship product here:

You Know You are old when…

If you are a Millenial or younger,  you cannot even relate to life in the simple terms I just described. Congratulations, you are officially old if you played outside and did not have a video games.

Video games and IPad’s babysit our children. Children carry cell phones.  Surely this lifestyle is to blame for most of the health challenges that we see today.  People today are frustrated because they just do not know how to fix their health challenges. Even WITH all the data they collect.  World Global Network is revolutionary in it’s technology helping you stay protected and connected.

And, if one of your kids is in a threatening situation, this device will send you an S.O.S.  Technology is amazing.  You however, are a mere human The HELO is this amazing new technology that is like a health and wellness sentinel.

Check out the latest HELO LX PLUS  and see the entire line of technology

Not only can we wear this device and enjoy it’s many features now, but several upgrades will soon be available that include some DNA detection testing.  It can be helpful ahead of time to know if you have certain gene variances that would warrant healthier habits.  Check out all the technology here MORE FROM WORLD GLOBAL NETWORK .WGN will also make your wallet healthier. Imagine earning a little cash just by sharing how much you love your device.  It’s the ultimate in referral rewards!  Now let me share 5 really important truths and easy hacks for how to be a healthy human.

Healthy Human Hack #1

Enhancing Immunity

You are an army of one.  From the time of birth your body has been fighting the battle of it’s life. Literally.

Bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi and archaea.  And that is just the biological warfare we face daily.  We know that even as we depend on some bacteria to keep us healthy (like that in our digestive tract), we try to place a “keep out” sign on others.  And don’t even get me started on toxic chemicals!

Americans spend millions of dollars on antioxidants in the United States every year.  Vitamin C, E, and A just to name a few. Why?  To ward off infection and enhance immunity.  Additionally, There has been a surge in sales in recent years of “superfoods.”  Acai, Resveratrol, Goji, Moringa and Cacao just to name a few. After all, the message is clear.  We need more antioxidants. Should children born be handed a box of Emergen-C (R)  out of the womb?

Germs are our birthright aren’t they? Actually they are a  right of passage. Our mothers pass their healthy “bacteria” to us when we slide down the birth canal. It is our first baptism into the world of “friendly bacteria.”

We can enhance immunity by doing some things a bit more and other things a bit less.  Who thought that by merely taking off our sunglasses (for a minute ) to look our beautiful sun right in the eye, could provide us with the ability to allow the retina to work in harmony with DHA.

 When light acts with DHA it can help the transcription factors of your hippocampus help to create new memories. Neuroscientist and “biohacker extraordinaire” Dr. Jack Kruse says it best.

“DHA is the ONLY substance capable of transforming natural light into ELECTRICITY FOR THE BRAIN.”

  Nature intended these processes to happen each and every day so that we were able to make the immunity enhancing and all important Vitamin D.  Sadly, most sunscreens are cancer CAUSING due to chemicals they contain to block the sun.  Learn all about sun safety in my article about Vitamin D here:

Healthy Human Hack #2


” A direct physical connection to the earth” is the simplest definition.  What most people want to know is WHY does this make a healthy human. As electrical beings need a steady stream of electrons.  We lose electrons all day long.  Eating, sleeping and breathing are all electron VAMPIRES. We have all heard of oxidative stress right?  Oxidative stress is the process by which we we lose electrons by trying to fight off free radical damage.  We need to find others to replace them.  Like coal to a fire, electrons FEED our being. They keep the energy in MOTION. 

Grounding (earthing) with our bare feet to the bare ground acts like a charge to our batteries by DIScharging excess protons and donating the electrons that we have lost.  Grounding goes a long way in reducing inflammation and has even been shown to lower blood pressure. Each day commit to a 10 minute barefoot walk in the grass, on the sand or just in the dirt. Reconnecting to “Mother Earth” will go a long way toward.

Germanium (#32 on the periodic table of elements) is an amazing mineral from the earth which has similar actions to grounding.  This is the latest in healthy human hacks.  Watch for it!

Help to eliminate effects of EMF

with a sticker?

Healthy Human Hack #3


What? Is there a  macro for that?

Let me spell this out for everyone confused.  Human bodies have needs.  Vitamins, minerals and elements are all needed for the health of humans. Water and minerals are transport mechanisms for the entire human body electric. Ultimately, our health all boils down to the amount of electrons we can take into our bodies through food.  The electron transp0rt chain is our way to  shuttle electrons to where we need them when we have used up all of ours. Free Radicals are also know as  “reactive oxygen species.”

Antioxidants in  food are another way we replenish our stock of electrons.   If you are not making your own anti-oxidants, then you will need to get them outside yourself.

Many foods provide some great electrons and I have a short video on this here on this page:  Video Trainings   Electron Rich Foods

Fortunately, these foods are fairly easy to get.  They don’t come in a box.  They are of the earth.  Animal, vegetable and mineral.  Sadly even activities which keep us alive use up all of our antioxidants.  Breathing, eating, sleeping and moving all have an end product. And it’s a dirty one.

Powerhouse foods like oysters, sardines, game meats and grass fed beef are great sources of electrons.  All green plants get their energy from the sun. Another great source.  A steady diet of electrons will keep your cells happy and even allow for better detoxification.

Healthy Human Hack #3

Do Less of THIS

Practices such as avoiding blue light emissions from our devices and shutting down WIFI before retiring are well worth their investment when it comes to immunity and overall health.  Healthy humans did not stay up all night playing video games.  TV’s did not exist.  The only light they had after dusk was that from a fire.  Fire light is GOOD for our immunity.  The light is red or amber in nature.  It is BLUE light from devices that can disrupt cell signaling at certain times when humans should be sleeping.

If you are going to stay up late, shut of the lights and start a fire in the fireplace. Easy right?

When using TV or computers at night there are special glasses that keep out blue light.  Keeping daylight bright and nightime dark.  Such a simple but  profound concept. Keep cell phones out of your pocket for men and for women, out of your bra.  Microwaving our reproductive organs always ends badly. Cook more and use the microwave less. Use an EMF blocker on as many devices as you can.  The  BIOZEN PLUS by World Global is easy to stick all around the house on anything with a battery. And, they last forever.

Blue Blocking Glasses can be invaluable if you need to be on the computer or for watching TV.  Keeping light out of the retina at night makes for a great nights sleep.

Healthy Human Hack #4

Water is LIFE

Contemplate this:  The average human body is made of approximately 65% water.   Water covers about 70% of the earths surface.  About 7% of that amount is salt water. We need to drink about half of our body weight in OUNCES of water daily.  If you are swollen and bloated, the water in your body is OUTSIDE of  the cells.  We want our water INSIDE our cells where it can move nutrients to our 70 trillion cells.  This requires adequate minerals (electrolytes). More about this on hack #5.

The water in your water bottle is typically tap water. These municipal waters contain other peoples medications, loads of inorganic chemicals and significant heavy metals.  Make sure your 70 trillion cells get filtered water.  Water should be carried in stainless or glass containers.

Drinking out of plastic will wreck your hormones, make you fatter and could cause infertility. Especially in males.  Spring water from natural springs is the absolute best water to drink when available.

Healthy Human Hack#5

Ever hear the term “salt of the earth?” Ocean salt can restore vital minerals to our internal water supply due to the fact in contains all 92 trace minerals.  Did you know that Celtic Sea Salt closely resembles the constitution of human blood and/or body fluids? Minerals in general, are very alkaline.

Have you heard of the alkaline water craze?  Let me simplify it for you.  Get a bottle of filtered or natural spring water.  Add a few drops of TRACE MINERALS drops.  Voila!  Alkaline water.

Alkaline water is nothing more than water with minerals.  Sodium balance and regulation begin with the adrenal glands. Our gland produces a hormone called “aldosterone” that tells the kidney how much sodium it should retain. Most cases of swelling are due to a sodium or potassium imbalance.


Water and electrolytes are responsible for signaling muscles, nerves and our heart.  Why guess at what you are missing when a few drops of minerals can help reduce leg cramps and heart arrhythmia?  If you don’t like water I suggest you make it your life’s mission to find a way to like it.  Sports drinks do not have your back.

A glass of water with a pinch of Celtic Salt or Himalayan Pink salt and an avocado will give you sodium, chloride, potassium and magnesium.

Lastly, we need love and human companionship. Feelings of love nurture our spirit.  Expressing gratitude each day can be one of the most important things we can do to stay emotionally healthy.  Forgive and forget.  If you catch yourself getting angry at a traffic delay due to an accident, be grateful you are safe and sound.  Pray for the family. Turning negatives into positives with gratitude can go such a long way towards healthy humans and a healthy planet. And now for my daily dose of gratitude.


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