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If you missed the KETO SUMMIT you can still purchase the talks and watch them at your convenience  10/21/16

Keto Summit Will Be Sure to Englighten

This summit brings together the most knowledgeable doctors, scientists, practitioners, and experts on the ketogenic diet IN THE WORLD.

They have interviewed these experts on a wide range of topics, including weight-loss, athletic performancecancer, supplements, mental clarityneurological issues, and much more.

As you probably know, keto diets have been getting extremely popular lately, for two big reasons.  First, they just work.  People lose weight, gain energy, and get a lot more mental clarity.

Second, the research about the health benefits of keto diets is astounding.  From cancer to diabetes to Alzheimer’s, a keto diet can potentially help to heal your body in a number of ways.

From dampening down pain and inflammation of the body to amazing results in our brain. Just look at some of the research already in place.  for ketones and Alzheimer’s

It’s not a trend or a fad for certain. This movement is growing and for good reason.

  Just google this:  Ketones and cancer, ketones and PTSD, ketones and epilepsy, ketones and cardiovascular disease or ketones and inflammation.  The studies will certainly floor you. There are hundreds of studies in many major areas of health and longevity. Get yourself signed up now for FREE so that you can begin looking at health and wellness from a new perspective.

Ketogenic Diets Widely Being Accepted

Our goal with this summit is to not only bring you the BEST information possible, but also the most ACTIONABLE and PRACTICAL tactics, so that you can make quick and effective changes in your life.  We want you to look and feel better as quickly as possible.

Also!  We didn’t want to leave you with a bunch of conflicting information.  So not only were we very careful about who we invited to speak, but we also designed the interviews to give you consistent information that you can use.  In every interview, you’ll find at least a couple of tools that you can immediately use to improve your diet, body, and health.  The science is so good that conventionally trained doctors are seeking out the information so that they can help their patients.


The Latest Research In Ketone Science!

The use of exogenous ketone supplements like  KETO//OS from PRUVIT are now being offered in conventional medical offices because physicians are finding that their patients become more compliant and are willing to make changes when they take this type of product.   Many doctors, scientists, health enthusiasts, biohackers and even sports TEAMS are eating ketogenic diets and taking “exogenous ketone” supplements to acheive the desired result of being in a state of ketosis. It is considered to be our “Native State”  according to the scientists. Exogenous means that the ketones are not being made by your body through diet.  You can now DRINK a supplement and get the same effects in less than an hour.  See that science below.

Patients experience greater energy, fat loss, focus and can manage hunger and cravings with greater ease.

Learn about KETO//OS here


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Starting September 25th, you’ll be able to access these interviews while sitting comfortably at home (or you can watch it on your mobile device too)!  And all completely for FREE

Speaker Line Up: 

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Keto Makes a Comeback!

This is not your Mother’s or Grandmother’s Atkins diet. I have been mainly ketogenic for the last decade.  I am human, I do eat slightly outside the optimal boundaries on occasion.  My reasons for staying the course is that I had  autoimmune challenges for decades.  Fibromyalgia, thyroid dysregulation, gluten intolerance and some heavy metals, took a toll on my well being and quality of life. It’s also no secret that I write a lot about ketogenic diets.  The reason is that ketogenic diets are foundational. While no one diet is optimal  for everyone, using this as a foundation is a great start.  How far up the chain of evolution your diet can climb depends on genetics and what environmental challenges affect YOUR genes, and to what degree.

Learning about how to bring our bodies back to optimal is what being in ketosis is all about. It’s like hitting the RESET button.

Learn WHY Ketosis Fights Aging

When the body is in distress, ketosis and fasting can bring the body back to ground zero.   Since we are all biochemically different it makes sense that what you add to your foundational diet should be  that which does not cause harm at a cellular level.  Let’s face it humans, your health all boils down to how environment ACTS UPON our DNA.  You can wrap that in a green smoothie or fermented foods or whatever you want to.  Bottom line is this: Regardless of genetics, a poor environment and poor food choices and environmental assaults rob us of our vitality. They turn on or off genes that help us grow old gracefully or be ravaged by disease.

From helping to regenrate brain cells to calming the inflammation in the brain of those with mood, memory or hyperactivity disorders; you will learn why this eating strategy has been used for 100 years with epileptics when drugs fail.

Keto A New Approach to Alzheimers?

If you have not seen the actual story of Dr. Mary Newport, stop what you are doing and watch her story.  Dr. Mary’s husband Steve was diagnosed with a later stage Alzheimers and responded favorably after his first “dose” of coconut oil!  Dr. Mary speaks all over the country and is a huge advocate for ketogenic diets that include MCT oil, coconut oil and healthy fats.  She is leading the conversation today with several other brilliant doctors seeing benefits in so many areas of human health and she is part of the team at PRUVIT and Keto//OS and her mission is education.

See Dr. Mary Newport speak and several other thought leaders!  You can be part of a live event with many of today’s brightest minds in the studies of ketogenic science at in Tampa, Florida on September 30th t0 October 1st.  Just go to and purchase your tickets for this event in sunny Florida on September 30th, 2016.

Here is a glimpse at previous Keto Kademy events!

A New Market is Emerging

Innovative products are now coming up on the market to increase MCT’s in the diet which help the body get more of the the
“raw materials” for the body to make ketones.  MCT’s are getting a lot of press lately also.  MCT oil is what Dr. Mary Newport gave to her husband experienced when she gave her husband but now there are products formulated especially for this lifestyle.



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LEARN MOE ABOUT THE ADAPT YOUR LIFE PRODUCTS AND lifestyle plans     Adapt your Life Website



Not a Diet, Rather a Strategy

Learn how eating this way can help you fight the assaults of cell degeneration.  You will also learn how to optimize your brain, immunity and so much more.  One thing is clear on the path to health and longevity.  Take care of your  MITOCHONDRIA ,and they will take care of you.  A ketogenic diet optimizes your “energy making machinery”.  With that being the case, it’s almost ludicrous to avoid spending some time in ketogenic state right?


For the record; “Only those who eat sugar, crave sugar”.  Just thought I would get that out of the way ; )

The Keto Summit will have so much information about WHY we crave and how you really have so much more control over hunger and cravings than you realize.  You will learn WHY eating sugar causes the craving FOR sugar and how to beat it.  You will learn how to have freedom to skip meals and not even blink an eye.  You will see how easy it is to control blood sugar swings and have energy that might even surprise YOU!


Don’t worry, we have got your back!

If you cannot make the summit during it’s airing, you can purchase every one of the talks as well as get a few free gifts. Just click the registration page and you can get all of the talks NOW. and  OWN the entire Summi!   HERE

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