Living Less Toxic Basic Recipe Guide

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 Living Less Toxic Basic Cleaning Recipes

Here is a Basic recipe guide for anyone wanting to live less toxic. Most of your everyday cleaning will be just fine using the basic formula but I have included some options for the more stubborn jobs. Remember, if you touch a surface you should ideally use a glass bottle. Plastic can be used to mix up the mold paste because you will entirely wash away the residue down the drain. Also, the mix won’t stay in the container for very long.

I hope you have started your greener cleaning routine. Here are the supplies you will need:

White Vinegar


Baking Soda


Castile soap is used for the base of all cleaning products as well as hair and body washes.


These spray bottles are great and I would recommend at least two to start with. 

You will keep your everyday cleaner in one.  An additional one is helpful.

This bottle is used for linen spray,

doggie calming blends, face misters.


Some other ways to reduce toxins in the home could be as easy as submitting most all of your plastics for glass.  We are exposed to chemicals when we wash and dry our clothes.  Any kink of air freshener including candles and plug-ins contain petrochemicals.  This means that they are made from petroleum.  Shampoos, body wash, deodorant, feminine hygiene, shaving creams and lotions, colognes and body mists.  All of these contain toxic chemicals and we expose ourselves to over 200 of them daily.

Just by making a few simple swaps can reduce your body’s daily body burden.  Check out my Bio Hacking Detox to easily and safely rid your body of toxins each and every day.  A little bit at time is a great strategy.


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