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Sandra Miller Feb 5, 2016

Meat, it’s in the news again! (sigh)

I spend a great deal of time keeping up with the science that has occasionally led me down a rabbit hole of poor  health.  The “low fat” craze damn near wrecked my health, and that of many of my friends.  We now know that fats are not as villainous as once thought and that fats can be healthy.  At least, some fats. Paleo, ketogenic and primal eating styles are at all time high, as we try to rebuild our health back from years of bad advice.

Diets such as the above mentioned, are even used to help reverse autoimmunity and epilepsy.  It’s crystal clear as to what and whom  I can trust for guidelines when it comes to health.  I follow researchers who are on the cutting edge.  Thinkers like Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Jonny Bowden, Dr. Sara Gottfried and Dr. Jeffrey Bland to name a few.  All of these docs have done the research and help us everyday to separate out “fat from fiction” as Dr. Mark Hyman says.  He just spent an entire week interviewing the brightest minds out there at his

Thinkers like Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Jonny Bowden, Dr. Sara Gottfried and Dr. Jeffrey Bland to name a few.  All of these docs have done the research and help us everyday to separate out “fat from fiction” as Dr. Mark Hyman says.  He just spent an entire week interviewing the brightest minds at his uber-successful “FAT SUMMIT”. If you missed it, here is the “meat” of what was discussed.

 All us meat eaters-let’s and get a tissue, and  cry it out together.

First I want to let you know that in December 2015, Congress REPEALED the law that requires COOL.  This means Country of Origin Labeling. In a nutshell, you just lost your rights to know where your meat comes from.  Can you say “MAD COW”  This was a big enough blow but what I learned this week is cause for a pity party.

 I can see all of the vegan’s trying to hold back their “I told you so’s”.

First I think there is something you may want to know about me.  I will do whatever it takes in order to take charge of my health.  No matter what it is I may have to give up or cut back on, I am totally committed to follow the “good” science (not just the science our government cherry picks for  us to know.) This means that I follow a grain free, gluten free, non-GMO, WHOLE FOODS DIET.  I have given up most every food that I ate growing up or took comfort in.  I now understand that food is information and I have made peace with that.

Since vegan diets are not really the most healthy because they lack many important nutrients that you cannot get from plants, I still eat some red meat and a decent amount of other animal protein like chicken and fish.  And yes, I eat saturated fat.  This is the diet I used to heal my fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism and blood sugar issues.  Understand that this MY saving grace.

Second, I also think you should be aware that between ALL of the brightest functional medicine minds today, there is some small debate amongst them.  What are they debating about?  Here is the truth and it’s a crying shame.

A study published by the   Cleveland Clinic study link has suggested that there is a strong link between red meat and heart disease.  Important to note is that it had NOTHING to do with the fat content.  The proposed mechanism behind this link is that a chemical called TMAO (trimethylamin N-oxide) increases your risk of heart disease.  The amino acid L-Carnitine is also implicated.

Let this be clear:   It has been proven in studies that cholesterol is not the culprit in heart disease and that we have been depriving ourselves by following bad science.  Saddest yet, is that this poor advice actually INCREASED  our risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity as we religiously followed low fat lifestyles (hey, I was duped too!)

The concern with TMAO appears to be more linked with changes in gut bacteria and beneficial flora. It is explained by Chris Kresser at that ” In those who eat red meat there is a production of TMAO.  It is the production of TMAO that is leading to coronary disease.  Chris explains in his interpretation of the research that “the problem is not with the meat, it is with the gut bacteria.”  His take is that this study reflects, that of the many studies done on populations that may also be eating higher proportions of processed foods, sugars and unhealthy fats. We cannot yet see clear correlation on people who eat a healthy, whole foods diet.

Still, there is the “what if?”

To note, I am not yet convinced that we need to “give up” red meat or egg yolks,  which were also included in the study.  As usual, the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle.  What I took from a particular discussion between Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Michael Roizen ( who co-wrote a book with Dr. Oz) was this:

It may be best right now to limit egg yolk and red meat consumption slightly until more is known.  I have narrowed my red meat consumption to once weekly or less.  If twice, I do about two ounces per occurence.

Portion size that is ideal seems to be 4 oz. or less per week according to Dr. Roizen.  Dr. Roizen and Dr. Hyman disagreed on the limiting of egg yolks.  Dr. Hyman made his case for egg yolks because they do contain sulphur and choline.  These two substances are critical for brain health and detoxification.  Not to mention the other nutritional benefits of egg yolk (remember, cholesterol is not the enemy.)  I am crossing my fingers that Dr. Hyman is right.

Take Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz’s Real Age Quiz      REAL AGE QUIZ

If you eat processed foods, grains and dairy I would absolutely heed these guidelines until we know more.  It is highly likely that the test subjects studied did not have a whole foods diet.    For me, I am sticking to the guidelines I just laid out for several reasons.  Our diet should consist of a minimum of 70% veggies.  It would not hurt any of us to eat less red meat and increase fish intake. Choosing WILD ALASKAN SALMON will increase the likelihood of getting our Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratios in a better and healthier place.  It is true that it would also be better for the planet if we ate more plants and consumed less meat.

A Pescatarian diet (vegetarian diet that includes fish) has been shown to be the healthiest way to eat as long as the source of fish is lower in mercury.   It should also be wild and not farm raised.  Personally, I detox daily with chlorella and cilantro and fiber especially on days where I eat shrimp or seafood.  There are some who will not give this information one iota of thought.  Those of us who constantly seek to upgrade our health and optimize our genetic expression now have some true guidelines to follow.

We can choose to look at this as a loss.  I am choosing to look at this  as a win for my health and I can feel good about that.



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