Outsmarting the Cancer Process

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Cancer:  Can We Outsmart it?

Outsmarting the cancer process for me has been a decade long journey. It was empowering to realize that research showed that I had some control over it. I speak not as someone who has suffered through cancer.  I did not.  Luckily I realized that the same protocol for preventing cancer is it’s cure. As a preventative measure I now follow some basic metabolic rules. It would be superhuman of me to say that I ever break those rules.  But rather I rarely bend them. I pride myself in having my priorities straight.

I was a fibromyalgia and IBS poster child with insulin resistance.  All of these conditions are tell tale signs that you are in the path of storm called cancer. A wake up call that offers a shot at redemption. An opportunity to right a few wrongs. Sometimes small changes add up to big results. Making up missed workouts or getting in more veggies could make a difference right?

And what about genes? Dont’ they dictate who gets it and who does not? I am about to share some information in a way that will simplify a fairly complicated disease.  Let me boil it down to a few simple strategies for those who like to “cut to the chase.”   Hey, I don’t get the moniker of “GPS for your DNA” for nothing!

To Outsmart the Cancer Process (You have to understand it first).

Let me make it simple from the get-go.  If you want to skip the medical hooey, you can jump right in by reading on.  If you like the science, you can skip my article and just and watch the amazing video below. Either way you will learn some simple strategies to live by.

Healthy cells use oxygen for proper cell metabolism. Not enough is no good. But interestingly, too much is no good either.   Healthy cells thrive in higher oxygen environments. Higher oxygen utilization leads to healthier  mitochondria  . Healthy mitochondrial function give us more oxygen.  It’s a great cycle.  This is where diet come in to play. Processed food diets are low oxygen diets.

Healthy mitochondria use oxygen best in a certain environment. The environment I speak of is one which sugars and carbs are minimal and fats are plentiful. The point here: Excess sugars encourage disease because they create the right environment for cancer cells to being their growth trajectory. They are inflammatory and damage the environment healthy cells require.

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Sugar: Cancer’s “Superfood”

The consensus is  clear if you ask metabolic specialist  Dr. Jason Fung .  There literally is “NO SUCH THING AS AN ESSENTIAL CARBOHYDRATE”.  We thrive with very little.  With sugars low, our body would kick into “fatty acid metabolism” mode by producing ketones from body fat. What little glucose our brain may need would be provided by amino acid conversion to glucose.  All of our body systems run better on fat that carbs. Especially, the mitochondria. Interestingly, cancer cells choose not to use their mitochondra for energy production. In high oxygenated environments the cancer cell becomes a “fish out of water.”

Responsible for making 90% of our energy, it is clear to see why fueling the mitochondria with a better fuel like fats makes sense. Fact: we increase our ATP (cellular energy) by about 30% using ketones as fuel over glucose. Consequently, we increase the amount of oxygen available for our healthy cells. So fat fueled = more energy+more oxygen.

Free Radicals As Fuel for Cancer

Even free radical production slows when burning fat for fuel as opposed to burning sugar for fuel.   Less free radicals means our cells can live longer.  There is less damage to  TELOMERES   the protective caps on the ends of our DNA which  thrive on fats as fuel and are damaged by excess sugars and carbs.   Honestly, they erode every time our  insulin spikes.  Insulin will spike in direct response to carb intake.

No really high carb meal or “carb loading” session ever is harmless. If you are “carb loading” you are “cancer fueling.”

It’s pretty easy to see in order to keep cells healthy, we require that glucose and insulin stay low to keep the mitochondria doing their job and optimizing oxygen utilization.  In essence, Your granola bar or fruit smoothie has more to do with comminicating to a cancer cell that it’s “GO TIME ” than your bacon does. Just try to get enough antioxidants in the diet that most Americans choose each day.  An epic fail for certain. Nutrient deficiencies also play a role in providing the right environtment for cancer.

Fatty acids tell our healthy cells that they have the food to thrive.  Carbohydrates tell our cancerous cells “THEY” have the food to thrive.

Add a low oxygen environment ( like a desk job, lack of blood pumping exercise, toxins, electrosmog from cell phones and computer screens and sunscreening our selves into a frenzy – You just conjured up a health epidemic!  It’s no wonder that 1 in 3 women and one in two men WILL get cancer in their lifetime.


This doctor claims that ALL cancer patients he has treated in over a 13 year span “NEVER GET CANCER” if they have optimim utilization of oxygen”.  He explains why in the video below.



Cancer’s Metabolic Theory

Cancer is now being recognized as a disease of metabolism according to Dr. Thomas Seyfried.  Hear more from Dr. Seyfried in an interview from “The Quantified Body” here:  Podcast: Quantified Body – guest Dr. Thomas Seyfried

Dr. Otto Warburg ( The Warburg effect ) came decades  before Dr. Seyfried and won the NOBEL PRIZE in 1931 for his early recognition of the metabolic theory of cancer. Read More about Warburg’s theory    We all have certain cells in each of our bodies that are “predetermined” to be cancerous.  It appears that low oxygen environments and excessive oxidative stress “select” these predermined cells and send the signal that it is “their time” to flourish as the environment is well suited for growth.  Hypoxic (low oxygen  environments are a disaster for healthy cells so- Guess what?  It’s survival of the fittest. The environment has been created where the cancer cells wins. We would then strive to make our bodies uninhabitable for cancer wouldn’t we?  And it takes a bit more than just “staying alkaline.”

Start A War On Free Radicals

You really cannot blame a cancer cell from doing what it does. The environment is the first domino in the chain.  Cancer cells like healthy cells work off their own “programming.”   You just have to be smarter than a cancer cell.  We must learn to live a lifestyle where you outsmart cancer by increasing oxygen, while simultantiously restricting our diets to mainly include foods which optimize the health of our mitochindria. And a war on free radicals must begin.  Supplementation rules in this area.  In this toxic world we need all the help we can get.   LIFEVANTAGE  (LVN) is the only company that has truly captured a patented formulas that truly have revolutionized how to turn back the clock on our cells.

Providing an environment that does not support the growth of cancer (low carb – higher oxygen) works as the best anti cancer strategy because only about 5% of cancers have mainly genetic causation. 95% of all cancers happen because the environment was made habitable.  When we feed our healthy cells properly we are in turn, starving cancer cells. In the language of the cell itself, and just by virtue of proper nutrition communication is loud and clear: Cancer cells, you are not welcome here.

The Oxidation Factor

So, taking away cancer’s FUEL is step one.  Now lets kick cancer while its down. To do this we must address increasing oxygen within our cells.  We all know that exercise is one way to increase oxygen in our cells.  Home ozonators for water are becoming increasingly popular.  Increased uptake of oxygen in the mitochondria can be measured after such treatments. You can purchase an ozonator for your drinking water.  Perhaps you also may have heard of hyperbaric oxygen therapies. Hyperbaric O2 is not just for divers anymore.

Therapies such as this are being used in conjunction with ketogenic diets and even therapeutic ketones combined with conventional therapies to really hit cancer cells where they live.  Higher oxygenation of cells from diet and therapies once again highlight the power that the human body has to heal itself.  Or, to prevent sickness and disease altogether.

Increasing oxygenation, keeping blood sugar low and fighting free radicals with a vengeance.  Herein lies your strategy.  Now eat your veggies and and schedule those missed workouts! You have the power to beat cancer at it’s own game. You just have to know how it plays.



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