Regenerative Medicine: The NEXT Frontier

By Sandra Miller

Sept 21, 2016

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Regenerative Medicine:  You  UPGRADED!

In the history of medicine as a whole, “regenerative medicine” stands out in my list of options as a path to wellness that I personally will most likely follow for the next few decades. Nothing crazy really. This approach drills down on HOW our bodies really work, and then targets repair processes. What a concept! Make no mistake regenrative medicine is a  DNA GAME CHANGER. It’s clear that the more we can do for healthy DNA expression, the more graceful we age.

It’s also becoming clearer and clearer that using medications that only treat symptoms.  They don’t really the underlying cause of disease. Is just not workng for most of us anymore.

Most sound holistic therapies take a person back to a state of health that is optimal for their current stage of life. Let me clarify that statement.  “Most people want to experience at the end of their “therapeutic strategy” feeling “What they think they should feel like for their age.” But, what if a safe therapy or treatment could do so much more than that. What if you could turn back the hands of time – on your genes?

Why We “Feel Old”

For some it is illness and others injury, that gives us that first kick behind the knees and and take your legs out from underneath you.  I speak from experience on this topic. Actually, if I can be honest, I am a master.  I have survived 10 surgeries and many other musculoskeletal maladies.  I have a pacemaker that is on round #2. Can anyone out here relate to being in top peak physical shape, then have a surgery (or 10) or perhaps an injury that just takes  you OUT of the game? I mean BENCHED!

What Causes Age Related Deterioration Anyway?

There are many theories as to why we get old. “Senescence” as it is called, is the AGING of our cells.  It makes sense that as our cells age so then would wouldn’t you agree?  But the “WHY” has been a question that we could only partially answer.  Thanks to the relentless digging that many of today’s “pioneers” in the science of “nutrigenomics”, not only do we have answers, we have solutions. We know that two key element cause aging in humans. One is the OXIDATION of fatty acids (which reside in every cell of our body). And the other is GLYCATION. This is when  proteins get “sugar coated” and can harm DNA. Sort of like human “rusting”.

Your’re Only As Healthy As your Mitochondria

We now know that the health of our mitochodria determine our longevity.  Our “energy and life force” reside in these tiny cells. We are electrical and complicated beings.  But to discover what “makes us tick”, we need to go back to the barest of basics.  We know that light,water and magnetism play a huge role in communication of one cell to another.  Heck, gut bacteria talk to our brains.  WHO KNEW?  We are learning the role and value of our mitochondria (our energy factories)  as barometers of the health of our cells and our DNA.  The proper function of these guys is SO critical to us feeling our energy and LIFE FORCE.  When they don’t work right, your energy is severely affected.  Disease can also set in.  Mitochondria disfunction is at the root of many diseases. (Think MS ) 

I plan to cover mitochondria more at length in the near future.  Learning exactly how to keep these guys happy extend theirs life and ours. 

Ok, But WHAT makes this SO?

The burning question: What causes accelerated aging in some and not in others?  Is it genetics? Environment? Mindset? or even something YET to be discovered? When we can understand how the body really works on a cellular level, our answers are right in front of us.   “Regenerative Medicine” is stepping into the limelight at offices of even the allopathic physicians across our nation. And for several good reasons. These new regenrative medicine Up-and Comings are enhancing energy production, increasing brain cell production, restructuring tissue of the skin and connective tissues and more.


No longer are we satisfied with being handed a prescription for a symptom. So many people want to avoid unnecessary surgeries, prodedures and medications and with good reason.  Most medications have more side effects and cause even greater health issues just by using them.  Take the example of antibiotics or NSAIDS.  Yes, they both do a great job in their respective areas but at what cost?

If you follow health blogs you know that the “gut” has bacteria that are really good to have around.  Antibiotics kill off those good bugs and can take our good health along with them.  Anti-inflammatory medications take away our pain and leave a lasting impression on our liver. And it’s NOT a good one.  Many people live too long with chronic pain because a surgery can put you out of commission for a long time. It’s not always a guarantee that its going to work the first time.  Some are very hard to recover from. And they are extremely invasive.  This author knows that all too well.  And, lets face it, diabetes is NOT a disease caused by lack of Metformin.  Are you with me?   

What if you could take many aspects of your health and dramatically change the way your bodies cells communicate with one another at the most basic level.  Similar to how they function at YOUR very beginning of life.   Would you be convinced to change your diet according to the laws that govern your own human  biology? And what if certain supplements really are worth their salt?   Here are some easy, safe and even beneficial advances in nutrigenomics and regenerative therapies that are totally worth looking into.  I will give some brief highlights on some of my favorite “geek outs” lately because where life began holds the clues to extending our own.

Regenrative Medicine. YOU, only better.

Until  a physician becomes a healer and not a drug dealer, we might need to take things into our own hands. But most are still stuck in their ways. Whole real food is the very first path we must travel.As humans (like vehicles) we are prone to oxidation which rusts and ages us. We are also very sensitive to what fuel gets burned in our engines.  Some fuel is clean burning and long lasting (ketones) and some fuel is short acting and dirties up our pipes (glucose).  According to Dr. Ron Rosedale at LOW CARB VAIL 2016

” Your health and lifespan will most be determined by the proportion of fat VS sugar over your lifetime.

 What Dr. Rosedale said in that statement sums up what the human diet should consist of.  Well, more accurately what it should not consist of.  I hope you caught that most basic clue.

True Ketogenic Diet Appears to Be Key

Now a diet strategy alone can be considered a form of “Regenerative Medicine”. If what Dr. Rosedale says is true, then we must eat more fat, less protein and much less carbs to help our bodies regenerate. An increase in protein or too great of an increase in carbs moves the  MTOR   needle higher up the scale. In laymans terms it means your foot is on the gas pedal and your destination is aging and death. So it is clear that ANY way we can keep MTOR from increasing is an antiaging strategy.  Here are a few pwerful  inhibitors of MTOR. The first one is ‘DON’T eat high protein.  It surely elevates MTOR.   Here some other great hacks  to lower it.

exogenous ketones, therapeutic ketones, ketones as fuel, dual fuel, better fuel, ketone energy, Keto//OS
Ketones in coconut milk with hemp seed
1/2 scoop protein


Keto//OS, exogenous ketones, PRUVIT, ketolife
It’s will power in your CUP


Therapeutic Ketone Supplementation/Keto Diet

For those who really try to keep carbs low but just cannot seem to eliminate the hunger, cravings and crappy feeling that can come with reducing sugars and processed foods in the diet, science has heard your call.

The hunger and craving control felt  using a therapeutic ketone supplement is due to your body being signaled that it is full and satiated. Ketones fuel the brain and the body BETTER and more efficiently than glucose  with less
byproducts. Hence: LESS GLYCATION.  They are safe to use for babies, pregnant Mom’s and have significant benefits to the elderly because ketones also increase mental focus and clarity. These powerful signaling molecules also tell our bodies that food is scarce.  As a human, if we are not reproducing then we should be repairing.  While in ketosis (just as with fasting) your body will “take out the cellular trash.” You will rid yourself of many “used up” proteins and immune cells and prepare for renewal.  If you google the word KETONES and each of the following:  

KETONES AND:  glucose, ketones and anxiety, ketones and longevity, ketones and insulin. What emerges is that ketone bodies drive health in a very primitive way that our bodies undersand.

You will also see that  they have major impact on the inflammatory pathways.  I don’t want to appear to be making any medical claims.  But I think it’s important for met to share that the chronic pain I had was taking away my joy.  My joy now comes in a glass of ketones.  30-60 minutes and I feel like a new person.  No more pain. Steady energy great mental clarity and focus. AND studies are suggesting that I may be fighting off deadly diseases! I do believe I’M IN!!

Not Just For the Lab Anymore!

Fat loss, focus, steady focused energy, calming and mood enhancing.  Ketones helped us to fight or flee and helps us optimize our energy and brain for survival   They just may be a preferred fuel source by your brain. And like Dr. Rosedale said in his statement above; That our life depends on using more ketones and less glucose. I do what my DNA wants me to do so I will willingly comply.

Check out some of the experiences people have with this DISTRUPTIVE new technology in nutrigenomics!  You really CAN just “drink” ) and be in a better metabolic state in under an hour.

Watch the video for a simple explanation at KETO//OS

Learn more about Ketone Energy

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)

This super antioxidant was discoverd by Dr. Joe McCord in 1969  ( About Dr. Joe McCord  )  Since WIKI’s definition will surely leave you confounded; This article make it easier to digest.

To make it simple : FIND A WAY to make more SOD and your life expectancy can be longer and you can live with less disease caused by free radical damage. This is like an antioxidant on steroids. One supplement company called  LIFEVANTAGE has a product who’s ingredients and formulation were created with the help of Dr. McCord.  The product “PROTANDIM is   “first of it’s kind” supplement that helps the body make its own SOD. This means you are making your OWN antioxidants!   The product is called “PROTANDIM”.

Protandim is SO effective that there are 11 peer reviewed articles on the PRODUCT not just on SOD itself.  Now that is believable science.  Furthurmore, your can see that the product works in blood tests (watch the ABC video below)

 Imagine having the DNA of a 20 year old in just a few weeks on this product.  That is exactly what this product appears to do.  Be sure to watch the ABC NEWS story on this product and amazing science and perhaps give “PROTANDIM” the 30 day test drive along with your supplement regimen and perhaps even in place of it.  Ponder this:  If you ate carrots or took vitamin A, your body would make 1 molecule of anti-oxidant which quells 1 molecule of a free radical.  A 1:1 ratio.  Do you really think that you could possibly even eat enough anti-oxidants to fight the onslaught of toxins in our world today.  Of course not.  In contrast, JUST ONE PROTANDIM make enough SOD to fight free radicals more thatn 300:1!  I have been on the product now for one month and I am really enjoying its benefits. We need to call in the troops for the toxic assaults we face today.  Remember, 1 in 3 women and 1 in two men WILL get cancer in their lifetime.  Those odd really suck.  We must do everything in our power to get ahead of the things that turn our cells to rust and dust.

They even have a skin care line with the same technology and I love the difference in the texture of my skin so far. A Vitamin C creme cannot beat the power of SOD.  How do they do it?  Well, the exact formulation is patented but the product combines herbs we are all familiar with as being touted as some of the most efficacious we know of.  Milk thistle, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Green Tea and Bacopa (for mind).  It the WAY they are put together that have the most amazing effects.

protandim, Dr. Joe McCord, ABC news protandim, LIfevantage, Nrf2, Nrf1, mitochondria, SOD, superoxide dismutase.
Super Antioxidant formulation



Help For Our Aging Bodies

If you are like me you like to stay away from the doctors office.  I rarely get sick but I do have some medical issues.  One thing that has plagued me for decades is old injuries coming back to haunt me.  I have had two “failed” surgeries.  I was a bit better off than before them.  Unfortunately both caused issues all their own.  I had the great fortune to spend a good deal of time talking to Dr. Mike Van Thielen and learned that stem cell therapy can be the answer to regenerating joints, reducing pain, and even BETTER THAN BOTOX.  When used in cosmetic procedures on the face the results look so much more subtle and natural.  Rarely is the treatment needed again.  Not the case with botox. Botox must be done a  few times a year, lots of $$ and, having to suffer with looking like a chipmunk or worse-Mr. Limpet.  Stem cells are rejuvinating on the structures of the face and really and truly DO turn back the clock for your cells. At least what is injected is human an not a bacterium.

One company that stands out in this science is NEOMATRIX MEDICAL founded by Dr. Van Thielen.  They use specific cells that don’t have the drawbacks of some of the matrices used in the past.  For doctors wanting to help their patients with non- surgical approaches get this:  Dr. Mike and his team of practitioners can bring all of the technology right to your office and treat your patients in one visit right in your office. Even breast augmentation and penile enhancement can be done with the stem cell matrix.

(for more detailed options for doctors email me at  “ )  I will connect you directly with Dr. Van Thielen.   Doctors can now offer this to their patients and the entire team comes right to your office.  This option is great for patients and their doctors who want non-surgical ways to heal musculoskeletal issue and so much more.

Check out the the many uses of stem cells and even see if you may be a candidate for the procedure HERE   Get YOUR free report



Welcome to the new frontier!  Saddle up! I’ts going to be a great ride.



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