Rock your Resolutions

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          Sandra Miller Jan 2016

RESOLUTIONS?  Rock yours!

Resolution time again. Here are 3 golden rules.

No matter what your health challenges or goals are, most people could benefit from any change they implement .  Especially, after several months of indulgences.  Some people want to cleanse and detoxify overall.  Others really got nailed by the sugar monster the holidays.  If this is your year, I can help by sifting through all the health and wellness programs pretty easily for you. There is so much out there and most of us have the intention of making our habits stick.

There are some plans that fall short for us.  Sometimes it is not our fault.  If you have ever tried building a piece of furniture without tools, it is similar to try to obtain weight loss and improved health without tools as well. Flying by the seat of of your pants is not a strategy.  We must plan our work and work our plan.”  A very simple but powerful motto well understood by those who succeed. You can make yourself one of them. Let’s begin with the hard core strategies ( rules-if you will) for those who totally want to ROCK their resolutions.

Here are my

“GOLDEN RULES” of Changing Behaviors



Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

I know you  have heard the  saying “FIRST THINGS FIRST.”  Sure, your intention is to eat healthier. The question becomes “are you actually spending time to prioritize doing things to make that a reality?  How angry do you get with yourself when an unexpected glitch occurs. Now you find yourself hungry and at the mercy of any fast food restaurant in your path. We sabotage our best efforts if we don’t plan for the “what if’s.”  Make your process important enough to be at the top of your list.  I hear so many people say “but I don’t have time to prepare things ahead of time.”  These are the same people who I hear talking about all the movies they watched or video games they played.  Go on a “social media diet” and cut out about 20 minutes a day from worthless computer time that is doing nothing to assure your goals get met.   Not just now, but always. Make this the year you manage your weight, not just lose it.  You would not skip brushing your teeth before leaving the house right?

Good habits need to become routine.  “Start with the end in mind.”  

 What would a day in your life look like if you had these healthy habits?  Make those habits your resolutions.  That is all it takes to reach and maintain that happy place. Also, if you are a parent I know you will relate to this: When disciplining a child you expect cooperation right?  To comply with the rules set forth. Well, when you are trying to change habits you must apply the rule compliance to YOURSELF that you would expect from your children.

All to often we let ourselves “off the hook” and backslide into old habits quickly.  Adopt a ZERO TOLERANCE policy with yourself.  Put in in place for 21 to 30 days.  Type it up like a contract and sign it.  Keep the contract somewhere you can see it often. What would succeeding look like? Write that down as well and paint an accurate picture.  What would you be doing, eating, what would it feel like to (FILL IN YOUR BLANK)?

What is YOUR WHY?


Successful people make planning important. An easy solution for many, (me included)  is to buy a small lunch bag that is insulated.  Most icepacks stay cool for four hours.  NEVER be without a filing snack that contains some protein (like chicken, egg, shrimp).  Healthy fats works well too.  Almond butter, nuts and avocado are great choices along with some veggies or berries.

If you follow me here at 

I will be posting a video on how I make a snack with dark chocolate, coconut, nuts, and chia seeds that contains all three MACRONUTRIENTS. That means carbohydrates, fats and protein. Protein, healthy fats, slow burning carbs and fiber. They are your secret weapons.  Not only will you feel fuller longer, you will be getting a hefty dose of antioxidants, omegas, magnesium and fiber, amino acids and more.   How is that for bang for your buck?  And no, a granola bar is not a good snack. It’s a sure fire way to increase hunger and cravings. And send your insulin to the moon. Bottom line:  Be prepared.  

This is one area of your life that you need to RE- gain control over if you want to succeed long term. Don’t allow yourself to make excuses.


GOLDEN RULE #2  Don’t Keep “Doing What you Did “

As a health coach I have to provide you with facts and proven strategies that WILL actually help you change habits.  “That’s what I do.”  That tends to make what I say a bit unpopular, but it works and that is what I get paid for.  So my next statement is just a reflection of a conversation I would have with one of my personal clients. You must understand that  “If you keep” doing what you did, you will keep getting what you got”. Before you reach for the pre-packaged garbage like Slimfast (R) shakes, take more time to work on getting quality nutrition.  Straight up! If you have found yourself making  a resolution to lose weight this year in the first place, then what you have been doing is not working for you.   We should always be able to maintain our weight within a 3 lb. swing for ladies and 5 lbs. for men.  Through every cruise, holiday, every family tragedy, every stressor.  These are not good reasons to eat poor food or excessive amounts of food.

If you are a “lifetime member” of any program and still doing THAT program, it’s not working.  You would still be at your goal if it did.

We need to stop making excuses for our bad habits. We would not let our kids get away with excuses.  Don’t allow it from yourself. You must make solid plans for addressing the habit of putting hand to mouth “JUST BECAUSE.” Then you must follow them. Get strategies under your belt and actually implement them until they become habits.  Instead of resolving to “lose weight” it is helpful to be more specific with your plan. For instance, let’s take snacking in front of the TV.

IF YOU FEEL YOU MUST SNACK, resolve to make it not so easy.  Snacking is a habit, not a necessity.   Do not allow yourself to sit in front of the tube.  Decide that if the snack craving gets too great that you will have to go outside to eat it.  Or, you have to scrub the shower while eating it.  Trust me, it won’t be long before it’s not worth it nor will it still be a habit. IF you don’t break your own rule.

Another option is that when the snacking desire comes in front of the TV, you must vow to  turn off the TV. Sit there for 5 whole minutes.  Do you still want the snack?   Doing things differently causes us to react differently about how we see food, and also time to think about something BEFORE we eat just for the sake of eating.  The resolution cannot be wishy washy and vague.  It must be specific to your pitfalls.

 There are three thing we look at in coaching.

ANTECEDENTS- What is occurring (physically, mentally, psychologically) before the urge to snack or engage in self sabotaging behavior?

BEHAVIORS What is the behavior you want to change and what is the desired behavior?  

CONSEQUENCES What outcome is desirable or detestable? How are you going to feel afterward? (positive outcome) Also, think about the H.A.L.T acronym. I will explain in rule #3.

GOLDEN RULE #3 Make a hard and fast rule for this trap.  


Make a strict rule of “NO EATING” for any of these reasons. Well, hunger is an exception but, we have to ask ourselves is it REALLY hunger? Decide exactly what you would like to see yourself doing in the other 3 circumstances and write it down.  Come up with an exact plan for these circumstances. You write the script and picture yourself acting it out. Focus your strategies around doing something that deviates from how you handle the situation presently. Most lapses are precipitated by an event or situation.  When are you most vulnerable?

Also remember the 3 P’s of successful weight loss. Patience, Persistence and Positive attitude. You must be willing to have  an open mind and no negativity or judgement on the new strategy. If you mess up, you just start right back again. If you start thinking negative, find the ONE positive thing and focus on it. While these tips sound a little “out there”, they work magnificently.

Find things you HAVE accomplished and verbally give yourself kudos for those things.    That is why doing a pro’s program is great.  There is also a sense of community with these types of plans as well as support and encouragement.  One more piece of good advice.

 Tap into the power of your subconscious. Add a little subliminal to your plan.  Self hypnosis worked wonders for me.  I could not even look at a hot dog after practicing.   I just did not want things that were not good for me.  To plant good seeds and get good results you must put into your head what you want there, and discontinue filling it with bad outdated ideas.  You will start feeling like the rock star that you are in just a few sessions.  Repetition of positive stuff is good for the soul. Hypnosis Downloads by Uncommon Knowledge TRY HYPNOSIS! Use these strategies and apply them to your own situation.

Feel free to reach out to me via email at or on my Facebook page at  for questions on the change process.


Now on to the solutions!

Dr. Judy Seeger is a detox specialist doing fantastic things for 30 years now.

Dr. Judy Seeger, N.D.-Detox and Cleanse Specialist

D Judy is a Naturopathic Doc and she is well known for her  “Chemo Cleanse”  and her detox “BOOTCAMP”  IF you are up for this type of challenge Dr. Judy is my go to. Check out all of Judy’s tools here:




Judy has lots of tips on her YouTube channel as well and tons of videos 0n her site.  Check her out to see if this is for you.

naturopathic, detox, gallbladder cleanse, resolutions
Dr. Judy Seeger, N.D. Detox specialist


Dr. Sara Gottfried-Hormone Cure/Hormone Reset Diet

Dr. Sara Gottfried is a Harvard Trained doctor with a specialty in Gynecology but Sara has rocked the internet with her “BESTSELLERS”.  The Hormone Cure and the Hormone Reset diet are whole  foods diets which normalize the hormone signaling of not only insulin but also our “sex” hormones.  This is not just for women.  This diet works for men as well.  Our hormones are a symphony.  If yours are playing “out of key” this 21 day strategy will get you back in gear in under a month.  There is a meatless period in the diet so if you are not ready to forego meat for any length of time then this may not be the best strategy for you. Dr. Sara removes meats for 21 days because of the hormone upsets meat can cause.  

This is a wonderful program that I personally tested.  Dr. Sara is a wealth of knowledge and posts some great Facebook stuff as well.  Rocking your resolutions has never been easier and you will get so much more than just weight loss out of this program.  The HORMONE CURE is a must read! A cookbook is also available.  See more on Dr. Sara here:  

3 Tools to Reset your Hormones Webinar

FAST TRACK your hormone cure



Dr. Sara Gottfried, Hormone Cure, Hormone reset

JJ Virgin-Celebrity Trainer 

JJ VIrgin Sugar Detox I like JJ’s approach and she has the most solid information.  I love the recipe’s because let’s face it, it’s hard to get creative with food sometimes and we need fresh input.  Most people succeed when they have tools. Most of us need a lot of hand holding.  It’s not always wise to go it alone.  So if you like tools like recipes and meal planning you will do well with this plan. JJ removes 7 foods from the diet and claims that by doing this you can lose 7 lbs. just by removing them.  Solid nutrition science with a trainer who makes it fun.  JJ walks the walk!! Good for the person who just needs to get their mojo back after gaining a few pounds. 

jj virgin, sugar impact, support, recipes
jj virgin, sugar impact, support, recipes


If you are not quite ready for any of the above…

The SMART FAT program and book is due out on January 17th and you can be part of the launch.  This program has flexibility many people need. We have some free tools for you also to help you get started.  Dr. Masley and Dr. Bowden are two of the most respected doctor-researchers in the field of nutrition and health.  Want to really rock your resolutions?  You get FREE GIFTS from the doctors to celebrate the launch. The Docs are  providing a JUMP START GUIDE and recipe book so you can follow along with the program. Did you know that Dr. Masley is a trained Chef through 4 Seasons?   COME HANG OUT WITH ME on Google Plus!   For the next 60 days I will provide FREE HEALTH COACHING via Google Hangouts.  As YOUR HEALTH COACH I want to see you succeed.  Join me on a “real foods” journey to success.   Connect with me here:    Bio Hacking Wellness Google +   Not only is there leniency for indulgences but,  WINE AND CHOCOLATE are doctors orders! Did you know that Dr. Masley is a trained chef through FOUR SEASONS?  No boring food plans here!

Hear Dr. Masley talk about the program here  Go to the official site and request your invitation now!  See you there.

smart fat, steven measly,jonny bowden, weight loss, blood sugar, anti-agingNow, you can also go to my MEMBERS ONLY  page where I share all of my FREE training materials as well. Removing plastics and chemicals from our diet can also assist the body to release fat so check out my video BPA THE HORMONE HIJACKER lesson.  This can be found on the

 “Your “CLEAN EATING” challenges SOLVED!

For most people, whole, clean foods are not too hard to come by.  Others may have difficulty finding clean, organic meats, poultry, fish, eggs and similar.  Since planning is key to success, it is easy today to get what you need delivered right to your door.  Here are two fantastic companies that have revolutionized how we shop.  I don’t know about you but I absolutely abhor grocery shopping.  Here are two of my “saving graces” when it comes to keeping up my healthy eating. If you can have your healthy foods delivered to your door, it saves time and money too.  What would you do with a little more  time?

Thrive Market-Costco meets Whole Foods ONLINE


Right now they are giving away free salmon!

Get free Salmon with order,Thrive Market
Thrive Market Free Salmon Giveaway

Thrive Market delivers to your door!

Check out the article that Forbes did on where THRIVE MARKET is headed:      Forbes article link

It is like Costo meets Whole Foods ONLINE! Or, as Forbes put it: ” If Costco and Whole foods had a baby, this is what it would look like” .  You can get in on the ground floor now and have you health food delivered right to your door.  Also, body care products and so much more.  I love the articles they post and so will you. Thrive Market is going to be the wave of the future and many grocery stores WILL feel the pinch.  Let your dollars do the talking. They plan to create their own low cost private label products that will rival Walmart pricing!

U.S. Wellness Meats

Boy, good grass fed beef is getting not only hard to find, but SUPER expensive.  Since I have been with U.S. Wellness Meats, (Grassland Beef)  there has been no increase in price.  I can get my grass fed soup bones, organic chicken and more.  You can get a membership here and perhaps a few neighbors in on the deal.  Split the cost of shipping and save HUGE on quality clean protein.  Make this the year you say NO TO GMO, AND CAFO.  Store bought meats contribute to poor health and can be sabotaging your best weight loss efforts.  Live more and shop less


US Wellness Meats


Get serious THIS year and Rock those resolutions!

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