Southwest Garden Slaw

no mayo slaw

This slaw is one that Chef Tom created this tasty little “no mayo” Slaw that is not only mouthwateringly good, but it’s loaded with nutrition. Jicama is a “prebiotic” food and is great for healthy digestion. Cilantro is a natural chelator. Great as a main dish on a meatless Monday or a side dish any day.

Serves 8 if used as a side dish

4 if used as a main dish

Main Ingredients For Slaw

1 ¼ lbs.. cabbage, finely chopped

4 oz. organic red peppers (julienne)

¼ lbs. butternut quash (julienne)

2 oz. yellow peppers (julienne)

2 oz. green peppers (julienne)

½ jalapeno pepper diced small

2 oz. red onion (julienne)

½ chopped ciliantro (about 1/3 bunch)

8 0z. of Jicama (julienne)

4 oz. carrot (also julienned)

Mix Slaw together in a bowl and set aside.


4oz. olive oil (we use only California Olive Ranch) or avocado oil       cal olive ranch, real not fake olive oilSee my article and BEWARE OF FAKE OILS.

More info one this oil at their site

2oz. sherry vinegar

½ oz Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

¼ oz. course: sea salt/kosher salt/Celtic or Himalayan pink salt

¼ oz. milled peppercorns (ground)

¼ oz. lime juice from fresh limes


Toss all slaw  ingredients together with dressing and add salt and ground pepper to taste!

 NOTE:  Do not be alarmed if when leftovers are refrigerated that the oil solidifies.  This is a GOOD sign that the olive oil is not fake. 

Cheap oils do not solidify upon refrigeration.


This is a great way to detox everyday!