Sandra Miller: About Me

Sandra Miller

Certified Nutritional Therapist

Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach

Sandra Miller




Sandra Miller has been in the health and wellness field for 30 years and has worked with close to 1000 clients. Her background in medicine, personal training, health and wellness and mindset coaching which makes for a well- rounded understanding of today’s health challenges and how to solve them.

She hosts workshops in the Orlando Florida area.

Sandra is passionate about educating the fitness and medical communities on the latest health science to optimize health and human performance.  People trust professionals to provide the right guidance and Sandra trains the trainers!

Her keen insight into functional medicine helps her guide her clients toward optimal wellness with the understanding that our bodies have self-healing capabilities when provided the right tools.

She is a guest blogger for Zhou Nutrition, author, biohacker, speaker and health coach who avidly coaches others on the ketogenic lifestyle that she, herself has followed for over a decade.

After decades of poor health despite a “healthy” lifestyle, Sandra took her health challenges  into her own hands and studied, researched and followed the functional medicine pioneers as they unlocked secrets to optimal health. She learned the foundations upon which health is built and guides her clients on a path to unlock their most optimal selves.

Beating oxidative stress is at the core of most all challenges we face today.

You can reach Sandra at for questions, consultation or coaching services. Or as a PRUVIT partner and keto health crusader  at where you can learn more about the emerging science of ketones and health.


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Sandra resides in Central Florida with her husband, two dogs, and four birds. She has two adult children and two grandchildren. She works diligently every day to bring you the most up to date information in functional health, medicine and fitness available today by some of the leading Functional Medicine professionals for whom she is so eternally grateful. (Read my story).