Our Mighty Mitochondria-(practical tips to fix your energy crisis)

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Mitochondria.  Not exactly dinner table conversation right? “Could you pass the butter and oh-by-the way; what have you done for your mitochondria today? Not really a household word yet. But perhaps though, in the near future we will be chatting with friends about how we enhance our mitochondria in the same way we talk about Read more »

Beating Depression With B Vitamins

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Sandra Miller Dec 2015  Beating Depression with  “Root Cause” Approach Beating depression with B vitamins be something you have heard about.   If you read Part 1-B Vitamins The New Prozac? you will have gotten only a glimpse of the importance of some of the B vitamins, how to prepare them to preserve nutrient content and Read more »

Top 5 Bio Hacking Basics

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Bio Hacking Basics-My Top 5 By Sandra Miller L.W.M.C Nutritional Therapist July 18, 2015 Ain’t about how fast I get there, ain’t about what’s waitin’ on the other side, It’s the Climb” Miley Cyrus Bio Hacking basics are necessary to ensure that you start the process at the beginning and build your foundation upon this. Read more »