Ketogenic Diet Makes a Big Fat Comeback

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The return of ketogenic diets are making a BIG FAT comeback.  Ketogenic diets are not new.  You might recall that ketogenic diets were  made popular in the 1980’s and 90’s by Dr. Robert Atkins and his products are popular with many dieters to this very day. Interestingly, even up until today some Doctors’ use the Read more »

KETO SUMMIT Registration is OPEN!

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If you missed the KETO SUMMIT you can still purchase the talks and watch them at your convenience  10/21/16 Keto Summit Will Be Sure to Englighten This summit brings together the most knowledgeable doctors, scientists, practitioners, and experts on the ketogenic diet IN THE WORLD. They have interviewed these experts on a wide range of topics, including Read more »

LCHF For Metabolic Health

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            by Sandra Miller Metabolic health is a topic that has grown steadily in popularity for the last 9 years or so.  The underlying motivation for health seekers who follow a Paleo plan, is to shun processed or packaged foods and most sugars.  It is simple sugars and refined flour Read more »

Big FAT Success

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GET INTO KETOSIS IN UNDER AN HOUR-CLICK HERE !                   How Fat Saved Me Sandra Miller March 10, 2016   There was a time in my life where if you mentioned to me that you were “fasting, you may have seen a glazed expression come over my Read more »