Tom’s Fresh Mayo

fresh mayo, homemade

Tom’s Fresh Mayo

Prep time 15 minutes/Cost approx $3.50 or less (17 cents per serving) *based on using free range eggs. Cost will be less if regular eggs are used. Save BIG by making your own and no preservatives! Tom’s Fresh Mayo is a family hit no matter what your eating style.







Extra light olive oil | 2 cups

Large free range eggs | (2)

Dijon mustard | 3 tbsp

Juice of lemon | 3 tbsp

Kosher or sea salt | ½ tsp

White pepper | ¼ tsp


Mix both eggs, dijon mustard, and lemon juice in your blender for 40 seconds. SLOWLY add in the 2 cups of oil. If your blender has an opening for that it will help. It is critical that the oil is poured in slowly at the rate of about a tablespoon at a time while the blender is running. Pour too fast and your mix will separate. After the mayo looks done you can add the salt and pepper and blend for about 30 seconds more. KEEP REFRIGERATED. Lasts about 5 days. If you don’t use mayo often (we don’t) then make half the batch.

Other Add-Ins

A nice addition is chipotle seasoning!

Special Diet Information

This is the original recipe and it’s fabulous! We have done a paleo version with avocado oil. It is not quite as tasty in our opinion but it is a healthier version.