“Unlocking Optimal”

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                                      Quantum Hacks for ” Unlocking Optimal”

When you hear the words “optimal health” what comes to your mind?  For me, it was to live in a pain-free body, have a sharp mind to grasp the complexities of how the human body works so that I may teach others. To protect and thus spare myself any more pain and suffering than I already had experienced in my life due to gut, thyroid, pain and fatigue. Oh, and I forgot, insulin resistance. Not too much to ask right?

Many of the things I was seeking were things that every human should deserve to have as their birthright.  Their health.  After all, we cannot DO our best when we cannot BE our best.  I bet a lot of folks are nodding in agreement right now am I right?  When we don’t feel our best we do not perform to our utmost potential. We encapsulate ourselves in the bubble of our own miserable existence. Performance for one person may be quite different than for another.  I just wanted to feel human.

In Search of BETTER

In search of optimal ,we all have thought about our choices.  We commit to a strategy we feel best suits our needs.  For some, that need may be to not give up their carbs despite the strong evidence that is playing a role in our misery. We are truly addicted to something when we panic just thinking about losing it.  Anyone out there feel like going without air for a few hours?  I did not think so.

Anyone out there feel like going without air for a few hours?  I did not think so.

For the health conscious and those motivated to make changes, we send ourselves down the path of choice and have faith, that the light at the end of the tunnel is as bright as we imagine it to be.  I have been led down many paths only to find the same darkness once reaching the end.  But, I am a geek and read everything,  so I really have my finger on the pulse of the science.  I can smell B.S. a mile away now. I am also a bit analytical.

I know for sure that humans must have   a form of B12 that you can only get from an animal. Our most vital chemical processes dictate this.  My logic tells me that our creator meant for us to consume some animal products in order to get it.   It does not matter that my conscience objects.  My body tells me it needs it so, I comply with my biology.

Furthermore, I have learned that; If any government agency says it’s “good for me” then I know know it means that it is “good for the Government.”

Our Biggest Challenge

Modern day life holds some pretty amazing things to experience for our primitively-wired beings.  Imagine we have gone from the invention of the light bulb to all this. If you don’t think that is a shock to your biological clock (which governs circadian rhythms and your entire biology and talks to your genes), then allow me to  lovingly pick the rock up off of you that you may be living under. Turning off the TV and reading more would also hold a huge benefit.  We can no longer avoid EMF’s, the name of the game now is PROTECTION.

From lifestyle tracking devices that ground you AND small little stickers called BIOZEN,    https://youtu.be/fHCuPMjNkwk there are many ways to reduce the damage we face everyday.

http://www.quantifyu.helo.life ) For more information.

With just a few simple changes in lifestyle, the idea of your reaching YOUR maximum potential will be so close you can smell and taste it.   We all try to manipulate our health with food and exercise but, according to Dr. Jack Kruse, A Neuroscientist, we have it all wrong.  http://www.jackkruse.com  I must agree completely.

HOW TO BEAT AGING   Check out Dr. Kruse’s “QUILT”

A Blog Worth It’s Salt

Reading Dr. Kruse’s material might cause your brain to explode or melt like candle wax.  He is a brilliant dude.  I don’t care who you follow, there are very few minds that compare to Dr. Kruse’s, as to how the body, brains, and biology works.  Of course, he still goes to work saving brains, but in his home environment, he brings his biology back to homeostasis. He also does this with his diet, his avoidance of harmful EMF’s and his keen understanding of quantum biology.

His book “The Epi-Paleo Rx is a mind blower.  Because it’s not a love story or a video game or on a television screen, most people will never get the education they need to live life at a more quantum level. For this reason, they may never be successful at “unlocking optimal.”  I am still working on mine.

I will even admit that although I read it, I still don’t use full spectrum lighting throughout my house.  But I know NEED to.

As much of a geek as I am, I must digest his content in small pieces to make sure I assimilate it correctly. This is Quantum Physics at it’s best. But we all just want to believe that it is as easy as making a salad with kale and drinking green smoothies.  As a health coach, I am obligated to open my mind to things I may otherwise comfortably ignore.

Metabolic Nirvana

According to Dr. Kruse “Light, water, and electrons” are the most important things to optimal human health.  It’s the way that light hits the eye and effects DHA production, turns on or off genes, contributes to hormonal responses including insulin, ghrelin, and leptin which control appetite, insulin signaling, and cortisol reactions via the HPA axis. In layman’s terms, it is these things that tell our body to be healthy or diseased from just about every standpoint that one would measure against.


Fasting glucose level/Leptin and Ghrelin regulation

What FUEL we are burning (glucose or ketones)

Insulin level (insulin is pro-inflammatory)

hg A1C- which measures glucose over an extended period

Certain specific thyroid tests

Vitamin D level with PROPER recommendations (not the current norm)

Vitamin B12 and Folate status

Omega 3 to 6 ratio and DHA levels

Hormone levels

Inflammatory Markers like C Reactive Protein/Homocysteine levels

Cholesterol “particle size” testing

Notice I did not say total cholesterol?

and ELECTRON TRANSFER?  What does that have to do with anything you ask?

The Importance of Light

Light begins the signals of hunger and appetite as well as  a cascade of interconnected signals created by light, water, and energy.  Signals that you are not even consciously aware of.   THE WAY YOU LIVE is providing a decoded message to your DNA behind your back.   If you have anything but perfect health, read further.  There are more important things that even exercise in optimizing your biology. Vegetarianism is not the complete panacea for “unlocking optimal” either.  Before I get into the components of OPTIMAL,  I have an “open comment” to the health and wellness and medical community.

If you are a health coach or doctor who wants to be known as lending credible advice to his or her patients and clients, pay special attention.  You cannot “out- opinion” biology.  We are at a point where we all must now be willing to embrace what is solid and science backed when it comes to human biology.  How can we say we are people whose profession is to elevate the health of others if we do not embrace our basic biology as mammals and humans.

When a person has elevated blood pressure, for example, the Doctor should say:

Eat whole foods

Get more sunlight

Eat more fats and seafood

 Connect to the earth

Practice gratitude

Remove artificial lighting and use EMF protection devices

Avoid sugar from MOST ANY source- and LIMIT fruit intake

and they should:

Offer strategies to help your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system responses

Share easy stress response technologies

Recommend periods of intermittent fasting, fasting and ketogenic eating

AND TEACH YOU how to reduce insulin surges

Suggest removal of as many chemicals from your environment

Teach you how to reduce exposure to EMF’s and connect to the earth regularly through grounding

Explain why NOT to  take worthless supplements (For instance using the “active form” of most vitamins)

Not GIVE YOU INJECTIONS of worthless B12 (much of it is in the inferior form)

Remind you to practice gratitude and not to hold grudges

And to breathe deeply before meals

To Meat or Not To Meat?

Eat at least small amounts of  quality animal protein and amino acid containing foods, because without them you cannot be truly healthy. METHIONINE is an essential amino acid that helps regulate over 200 processes in our bodies.  You cannot get much of it from the vegetarian options.   You see, it’s not about micros, macros, vitamins, mineral, healing adrenal fatigue with  herbs, drinking green smoothies or eating raw food. Essential oils are nature’s gift for keeping us healthy but, the clear message I am hearing is that  it’s about ELECTRONS.

All the essential oils in the world won’t fix a body running on sugar, not getting enough sunlight, and not removing harmful protons by connecting with mother earth. And yes, this probably would include getting adequate methionine.  Beef just happens to be the best source.

I encourage every health care professional to try to disseminate Jack’s work.  To discard it as hooey would be the greatest injustice to those who seek your help.

Be The Resource Your Clients Need You To Be

As a health coach, I know the most important things a human being can do when they want to protect themselves from morbidity and mortality.  I bring these strategies to my clients.  Rather than write a prescription, stay current with the latest science of  what truly optimizes human performance.  I am not talking about just athletic performance.  How can each human perform their best in everyday life? The diabetic, epileptic, and the person facing chemo all need to PERFORM better from a metabolic standpoint.   For some, it will be to remain active for kids or grandkids.  For others, it will be trying to fend off genetic predispositions to diabetes or Alzheimers.

We would have to look at what would optimize our biology more profoundly than all other things.

My top picks are in order here.

Spend Time In Nutritional Ketosis

This can be done with diet alone for someone with normal insulin responses most of the time.   It is not the easiest or most convenient way to get there but for some people and their biology, it is rather easy.  If you cannot, will not, or do not feel capable of following a protocol such as this by using strictly food, help has just arrived. Fasting and intermittent fasting has benefits that cannot be measured.

Exogenous (made outside the body) ketone supplementation is available today. Being in a state of ketosis is in the top two or three in order of importance for your health.  It does not matter HOW you get there.

For the ease of drinking a protein shake or some sparkling water, you can reap all the benefits of ketosis, and even some of the benefits of fasting without the stricter food guidelines. And new technologies from one of the pioneers is working on some behind-the-scenes and cutting edge alternative options as well.

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Supplemental ketones like  those from a company called “PRUVIT” http://www.optimizingme.pruvitnow.com  are cutting edge because they put you in “full nutritional ketosis” despite their intake of carbs. allowing someone eating carbohydrates, to now get in an optimal biological state of ketosis with one serving and in under and hour!

At the University of South Florida, there are researchers who are spending their lives looking at all the benefits that can be derived from spending a good amount of time in ketosis. Benefits that show how being in this state can keep a cancer cell from growing new blood supplies.  At the same time literally starving cancer. Ketones are even showing to be a source of fuel that cancer cells just cannot use.  Their mitochondrial function is not like ours.  They are glucose metabolizers.

And Speaking of Mitochondria

Speaking of mitochondria, if you have fibromyalgia like I did or any autoimmune disorder, gut disorder or inflammatory condition, ketones are a must to help you make ATP and give you energy. If you eat anything BUT a ketogenic diet and you are still in pain, open your mind and change your diet.  Going grain free and increasing your blood levels of ketones all but solve this problem along with fixing your “methylation.”

When a researcher or doc is trying to locate cancer in the body that they use glucose to find it. Cancerous cells suck up glucose like a sump pump.

Put that in your beet, carrot, and whatever smoothie and drink it. Glucose and all. A ketogenic diet provides ELECTRONS.  It is from electrons, water, and light and magnetism that health is born.

As health coaches and guides of others DNA, we need to open our eyes to the fact that we might just be missing the most important part of “unlocking optimal” and guiding someone down a path that actually is leading TO DISEASE and not away from it.  All because we are biased. The keys to life and “unlocking optimal” are more “unseen” than seen. It’s time we started to look within and align our eating (or not eating)  with our biology for the answers we all seek.





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