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Sandra Talks Digestive Enzymes and DHA

HOW TO BE A HEALTHY HUMAN Part 1 A-I-Immunity (light cycles)

HOW TO BE A HEALTHY HUMAN Part 1 B Inflammation and the immune system

HOW TO BE A HEALTHY HUMAN Part 2 -My favorite herbals for Immunity

Sandra talks detox

Water and hydration

Fat loss and exercise

EMF’s and prevention

Let there be light

Electron Rich Diet

Fasting and Fats/ Keys for metabolic health

Important nutrients you’re not getting

What’s fishy about fish oil

5 Convincing Reasons to be Ketogenic

What’s Wrong With Sugar?

Getting Keto Adapted

Keto Kademy-Dr. Jeff Volek on Ketones and Human Performance

Power of steps

Part one

Part two

Part 3

Part 4

Foods not fads

Fail to plan, plan to fail

Environmental Toxins-BPA the Hormone Hijacker

Changing Self Limiting Beliefs with EFT

Less Toxic Kitchen – Swapping out all plastics for glass


3 Golden Rules


Adapt Your Life!

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Fighting for My Life: Trent Childers interviews ME!

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